The-Finger-Fairies-in-English – hindi short stories for class 1

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The-Finger-Fairies-in-English - hindi short stories for class 1

The-Finger-Fairies-in-English – hindi short stories for class 1

hindi short stories for class 1: The finger fairies once upon a time in a kingdom far away our Story begins with a grand wedding between princess spring and Prince Wesley vows were made and Rings were exchanged and the celebrations lasted the whole evening. Finally when it was time for the princess to leave her father the king spoke. Oak 21 years and I am still not prepared to say goodbye to my little angel but Prince Wesley the day you asked me for my daughter’s hand in marriage is the day I finally stopped worrying about who will look after her when I no longer can

you know that spring is my lifeline? Please take good care of her for I’ve never let her get as much as a prick in her entire life.

Oh Father. King tearin, I promise I will always keep her happy a sincere and beautiful promise, but how difficult would that be to keep the first few months flew past was Splendid jollification s Prince S Spring and Prince Wesley completely content Prince Wesley as promised took very good care of his wife and did not let her prick as much as a feather.

Anything the princess wanted would be brought to her. Yes anything and everything Johannes is everything. All right. Oh, yes. Absolutely. I’m just going to the gardens to see the lovely roses. Oh, no, if you do that will be thrown into prison. Well, bring them to you. Oh, no, that’s quite all right. Right wait, there we go roses and thus began the dawn of Gloom and boredom in Princess Springs life without being able to do anything a fathomless monotony began to form inside her.

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She grew pale and distant. She would sleep till the afternoon and awake only for supper and go back to sleep. Wesley soon figured that something was wrong spring. What is it? Are you feeling sick? No Wesley. I I don’t really know. I I just feel a little hungry. Oh goodness. You’re hungry Chef. What would the princess like to 8? We have fish and chips or Sunday roast shepherd’s pie exotic suit rainbow pace. Trees palatial yoga chicken tikka masala croque Monsieur. I’m not hungry. You’re a little sleepy. You need a

Lullaby prima. Donna go to sleep. I am here to God. I’m bored spring I mean Just feel terribly bored and don’t know I made a promise to your father. I cannot let you feel dull. Oh, what do I do? What do I do? Listen darling? I idea. Yes, that’ll do. Wait Wesley. Where are you? Prince Wesley called for the most jovial of jesters units bird has Has the worst manners o Mockingbird is he talking

and night visor majestic stallion worth of thousands of gold when his men see it. They say wow. This is such a glorious horse the night looks at them and says always remember if you work hard give your best be courageous and win battles then one day. I’ll be able to buy one more the whole crowd erupted into a laughter but princess spring wasn’t amused the prince tried several other things. He called magicians to perform exotic dancers

jugglers, but nothing uplifted the spirit of the princess when she stopped eating Hermits doctors and herbalist see were consulted but none could figure the problem with the princess. Yes, Wesley grew worried and tensed by the day that afternoon as he paced anxiously a minister told him about the Sorceress of the forest without wasting any time. He set out to meet her. When he reached there, he was amazed at her mesmerizing abode.

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Hello your highness. How may I be of service to you? Great sorceress, my wife princess spring has lost all the sparkle in her eyes. She is so dull as if all the joy has left her. Mmm, a situation seems grave. Yes, very grave, but not one that can’t be fixed. Then your help her yes, but come back tomorrow and bring her with you. I’ll have the Remedy by then the prince knotted and left and then he returned the next day Spring Walk Tully beside him. Welcome back your highness and you must be princess bling. Hmm. Don’t worry dear. I will soon make the pale wind to blow away from your heart.

I’ll just take her time with me. Would you mind sitting here and waiting for a bit? Okay, I guess. No, I’d like to hear everything you’ve been feeling. Well, I I’ve been feeling so dull and lifeless, but I’ve been getting so much sleep. I just can’t understand it spring told the Sorceress everything that had been happening in the palace and didn’t realize that the Sorceress some more than what was told. Well, I’ve got the perfect remedy for you in here the Sorceress opened a curious wooden box and within it to bewitching Lee gorgeous hands glowed and sparkled unlike anything spring had witnessed on each finger rested a lovely ring. Hey good fairies bless the work of my hands. Give me strength to shape my world. Give me strength to shape my life to make this world a better place. Wow.

In each of these Rings resides a fairy with amazing Powers the fairies now the side inside your fingers. You must keep moving your hands to keep them busy. But remember if a day passes where you don’t use your fingers and the fairies will leave you and you’ll be dull forever. They came out to me Wesley who is patiently waiting. I have given her the remedy. But remember you must support her with whatever she wishes to do,

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but I promised her father King tearin that I would never allow spring to do any sort of work. This is for her benefit. Do you like seeing her sad and life is of course not. But the king the king won’t like seeing her that way either take my advice and Trust in the little finger fairies. There will show you the right way. All right. So from the next day spring started to employ yourself in various ways. We absolutely

no matter what she tried or attempted to do. It would always come out. Looking or sounding marvelously which amazed everyone. Soon princess spring would help the palace attendance and would be see laughing and prancing around as she did. Do you know yesterday the princess helped with the Dustin? And before I knew it the place was sparkling as if by magic magic indeed, she helped me back a dozen pies and by I have never tasted anything so Exquisite out soon the new spread through the palace. Is that the princess had magic in her hands and anything she touched was done flawlessly days passed and now spring had returned to the jovial person that she was Wesley. I feel so happy to be able to smile again. I’m so glad to my dear. We should thank the Sorceress for helping us. Oh, yes, and so the Sorceress was called 4D to Booth of you princess. How are you feeling now? Oh, I could dance with the magic that glows within me. How can I ever repay you for your kindness? Well, how about if he’s Heidi’s

calls all the young ones of the Kingdom to come and touch the princesses Palms, too. What would that do? The magic will be shed into their hands making them as industrious as the princess herself Wesleyan spring like this idea and soon there was a line of excited children all waiting to clap hands with the princess. Hey good, baby.

A good fairy. Give me strength to shape my give me strength to shake my give me strength to shape my give me strength to shape my a good fairy Give me strength to shape my life. Give me strength to shape my life. Give me strength to shape. My

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Wesley soon had an announcement carried out heralding the magic of the finger fairies that resided in the princesses fingers and so spring started. To share her magic with all the people they were astonished at first, but were even more so at the effect of the magic I’ve never felt so good at all my life. My business is thriving ever since I received the magic and soon the whole kingdom was driving as the Magic in the people’s fingers had spread to their hearts, and they now worked with a Zeal they never experienced.

My love, this is remarkable. We are flourishing the Kingdom’s never been this way before the streets are shining. The people are more dedicated and trade has never been so great. Well the Sorceress and the little finger fairies are the ones who changed it all of course. Oh your father has arrived. Let’s go and greet him. The king walked in with surprise written all over him. Wesley spring your kingdom has improved marvelously. However,

has it changed so much Wesleyan spring explained all the events that had taken place which astonished the king my princess. I’m so proud of how well you’ve grown. Oh Father. Come you won’t believe the things she has done. Let me show you thank you magical finger fairies for helping me turn myself and the world around me for the better. Hey you. Yes, you would you like to have the power of the ten magical fairies to and put your hands on the screen and touch your palms to mine now. Repeat after me. Hey.

Jimmy Spencer can be strengthened to shape. Hey good fairy. He’s

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